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Tips on becoming a top Surfer
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  1. Before you can start surfing you need to be a confident swimmer as the water is a very dangerous place.


  1. Once you are a confident swimmer this is the time to start surfing. When you are learning to surf never go in to the water by yourself, find someone who will teach you or a local surf school.


  1. To go surfing in the sea you need some coastline near you so get the map out and locate where your nearest beaches are.


  1. When starting off the best board for learning is the lightest, widest and thickest board you can find.


  1. Surfing equipment like boards and wet suits can be very expensive so whilst you are learning see if you can borrow or hire.


  1. Once you do decide to buy your own board make sure to do your research first and ask your instructor. Also learn how to fix your own dings. You don't want to replace your board every time you damage it so buy a repair kit which costs around 10 and try and fix it yourself.


  1. Learn how to read weather reports so you know when is the best time to go to which areas.


  1. Most surfers don't mind giving advice to others so if you see a good surfer in the water ask them for some advice.


  1. Once you are confident find out if there are any local competitions you can enter. If your successful see how far you can progress.


  1. Many surf DVD companies are always out to get the latest and best footage of surfers on the waves so if you have a friend with a camera try and get them to film you whilst you're surfing and send it in.


  1. Surf as many different waters as possible as it will make you a better surfer.


  1. Once you start making a name for yourself start writing to surf companies and shops asking for sponsorship.


  1. Above all else remember to be safe. Always try and go surfing in groups and if you are ever by yourself make sure there are other people around and that you have told a friend of family member where you are.

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