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Tips on becoming a top Magician
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  1. Being a magician is all about being a show man. The first thing you need to be is confident performing in front of large and small audiences.


  1. Get some magic books out of the library or buy magic trick sets from your local shops.


  1. Start very simple, being a good magician is not about being able to do the big tricks but being able to do the small tricks well. Every good magician started with the small tricks.


  1. Once you have perfected a trick go and show it to your friends and family. If anyone ever asks how you did the trick do not tell them as it wastes all your hard work.


  1. Once you feel confident start showing people at school.


  1. After you have perfected a handful of small tricks start adding more tricks to your repertoire but don't learn too many too quickly.


  1. If anyone ever sees how you are doing a trick don't be disheartened just go away and practice it again and then show that same trick to someone else if they don't see it then start moving on to the next trick.


  1. Once you have built up enough tricks to last a half hour put on a performance. This can be at your school or at your home.


  1. Never stop learning new tricks. If you become a professional magician you always need new tricks as people easily tire of the same tricks every week.


  1. Be creative start trying to come up with tricks of your own. Many tricks have been seen a million times before but if you can show someone a new trick they will be amazed.


  1. Start volunteering your services for children's parties and social events. If you build up a good reputation people may even pay you for your services.


  1. Watch as many professional magicians as possible and learn from them.


  1. If you need to work on the performance side of your show enrol in some acting or drama classes.


  1. The main source of information for any magician is so be sure to keep checking back to the website for more information.

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