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Tips on becoming a top Actor / Actress
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  1. Get voice coaching lessons or find some vocal warm up exercise routines (if you want a long standing career in vocal work you need to look after your voice).


  1. If you can't afford voice coaching lessons, pop down to your local library and see if they have or can order you in a book on voice exercises.


  1. Join as many local theatre groups as possible. For a long standing career in acting you need to be versatile so the more experience you have of different productions and different groups the more rounded actor/actress you will become.


  1. If you are at school, college or university audition for all plays and productions.


  1. If you are at school, college or university join any acting or theatre club.


  1. When auditioning for plays and productions try and audition for a wide range of roles and characters.


  1. Find out if there  are any acting lessons or classes being taught locally.


  1. When at school, college or university try and take as many courses related to acting and drama as possible.


  1. Contact your local theatres and see if they have any youth productions or are linked to any youth groups.


  1. Sign up to a casting agency, some can be pricey so find one that suits your budget as these can be a great way of finding out about auditions.


  1. If you live near a university or college that do media related courses get in touch with them as there are always students wanting actors/actresses to perform in their videos and films. Ok these are non paid roles but they will normally give you a copy of the final edit which can be great to show to casting agencies and directors.


  1. Log on to TV station and TV production company websites to find out if they are looking for anyone to take part in their shows. Even if it is not strictly an acting role being on TV is a good experience.


  1. Apply to go on reality TV shows as these can be a great place to get noticed.


  1. Apply for work as an extra on TV shows. Although the pay isn't great working as an extra can be a great way to gain experience of how a TV production works and can help you gain great contacts.


  1. Buy (or borrow) a video camera and record yourself doing some acting. This can be great to show potential casting companies or just as a tool to critique your own work. When you record something you are happy with upload it to a website like which can be done for free and you can then share your talent with the world and use it to advertise yourself with.


  1. Find out which are the best stage schools to attend and dedicate yourself to getting in to one.


  1. Find out which are the most prestigious colleges and universities to study drama and acting are and dedicate yourself to getting in to one.

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