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Tips on becoming a top Gymnast
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  1. Gymnastics is really taking off in the UK thanks to people like Beth Tweddle (2006 World Bars Champion and third place finishers in the 2006 BBC Sports Personality of the Year award).


  1. Gymnastics has many different disciplines but each one requires a great level of physical strength and fitness so as well as learning the skills you need to work hard on that side of the sport.


  1. Flexibility is important for many disciplines of Gymnastics so make sure you work on improving your flexibility, your coaches or physical development experts will be able to give you exercise to do to improve your flexibility.


  1. Many Schools will teach some form of gymnastics as part of the sports curriculum but to get a full appreciation of the sport and to practise all disciplines you will need to find your nearest club. Details of your nearest club can be found by logging on to


  1. With the sports rise in popularity many events are now televised but there are many other events happening up and down the country which aren't televised so be sure to log on to to find out where the nearest event to you is happening and get yourself along to it.


  1. With Gymnastics not being a big money sport like some others Gymnasts have to be very disciplined athletes with many balancing, school or work with hours upon end of training.


  1. If your school teaches Gymnastics find out if they enter any competitions and see if you can enter.


  1. Research if there any Gymnastic training courses or local initiatives to get people in to Hockey are happening in your area. The best places to find out are local sport clubs, leisure centres and


  1. Many top Gymnasts have their own personal coaches so find out if there any coaches in your area but be sure to check with to see if they are a properly qualified and vetted coach.


  1. For information on the latest techniques competitions and Gymnastic news be sure to pick up a copy of 'The Gymnast' the official magazine of British Gymnastics


  1. As well as reading 'The Gymnast' be sure to visit your local library and find out if they have any books on Gymnastics as the more research you can do the better Gymnast you will become.


  1. Watch as many other people perform as possible and learn from them.


  1. Get as many people to watch your performances as possible and get them to give you some feedback.


  1. Always be thinking on how you can change or improve your routines even when you are not training. If you come to training with ideas and a determination to learn and practice you will get more out of your sessions.

If you're interested in Gymnastics then you need to check out our expert opinion with the World Class Programme Manager from British Gymnastics Jo Prescott:


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