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Tips on becoming a top Filmmaker
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  1. Being a filmmaker can be a long and expensive road. So my first tip in the beginning is to try and borrow the equipment you need or hire it as filmmaking equipment can be very expensive. When you are filming your first projects it's not the quality of production which matters at this stage you should be focusing on concepts. So I would stick to using a standard camcorder to start off with.


  1. Before you go out filming research some ideas for videos you would like to make. Draw up storyboards and really think about what you want the video to show. The more research and planning you do the easier it will be when you are filming. I would stick to a short video piece as just filming a quality short can be very time consuming.


  1. Get your friends involved. Making a film can sometimes require a huge crew which cost a lot of money so to start with use friends to hold lights, mics and to feature in your video if you need any actors or actresses.


  1. When you are happy with what you have filmed edit your footage together in to a final piece. When you have this ready arrange a screening with your family and friends and get their feedback.


  1. Keep making videos and experimenting and then when you have a film you are proud of start sending copies to film festivals and competitions. This can be a great way of getting publicity and expert advice on your work.


  1. Watch as many films, video and TV programmes as possible. Find styles you like and incorporate it in to your productions.


  1. Seek professional training. In many areas there are film clubs, media partnerships or media focus groups who will be able to direct you towards training. If you are planning to go to college and university find courses which suit your needs and apply.


  1. Save up money so you can improve your equipment. As you get better and better at film making you will want it to look as good as possible so now you start needing to save up or get a second job to afford better equipment. Shop around for the best deal and look in to the second hand market as there are some great deals to be had.


  1. To get your work out there try contacting local companies and organisations to see if they want any video work doing like adverts or informational videos. Also see if any local bands want a music video made.


  1. If you have work you are proud of stream it online for the world to see. Set up an account with a website like and then tell everyone you know to go and check it out.


  1. Check media job websites or get in touch with companies that make films and see if they need any runners or assistants. Working as a runner can give you a great insight to how a professional production works. Working on a professional set can also gain you valuable contacts.


  1. Remember to keep every project you ever make and when making your films remember the content has to be as good as the production. If you produce a brilliant video but it is on a boring subject no one will watch it and if you have a great subject but poor production work then it wont get played in front of the right audiences.


To read tips and advice direct from our Filmmaking expert Emma Earle click the link below:



Official tips and advice on how to become a professional Filmmaker

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